Tips for Designing a Logo to Fit a Coffee Cup

Take this advice from Gelato Products and you’ll have a compelling logo design on the coffee cups you sell at your ice cream or gelato store.

Logo Image Format

 Ideally, the logo design for a coffee cup should be in a vector format. Vector graphics don’t become pixelated when you enlarge them. You can also use high resolution .png files, because they support a transparent background. However, avoid using other raster formats, because they may add a background. This causes your logo to float in a white rectangle, unless of course, you’re printing on white paper cups.


Logo Sizing

 The logos for most custom printed cups are between 1.5″ and 3″ in both height and width. If you know the company and the cup that you want, you can contact them for exact measurements or a template. Most image editor programs let you display the size in inches and change the dimensions. While editing, make sure your image’s ratio of height to width doesn’t change, or the logo could become stretched out and distorted.

Logos a Curved Surface

 Images look different when printed on a curved surface as opposed to a flat surface. For example, if you printed same logo on coffee cups and lids, the logo on the lids would look as designed. However, the logo printed on the curved coffee cup would appear slightly distorted. A simple trick is to get a cup approximately the same size and shape of the cup that you intend to print on, and wrap a printout of the logo onto it. Then adjust the logo in your image program by making it slightly wider and slightly larger on the left and right sides. Print out the revised logo and test it on the cup. Repeat if necessary.