How Ember Technologies Revolutionized Drinkware and Dishware

Clay Alexander is the founder and current CEO of Ember Technologies, founded by Clay Alexander, began in 2012 as an effort to revolutionize drinkware and dishware. Today, it is one of the fastest growing technology companies in the world, and prides itself of a very innovative team of experts and engineers. Some of the professionals working for the company are former employees of reputable technology companies such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon Lab. The new inventions at Ember Technologies will continue to define the drinkware and dishware industry.

The company continues to enjoy massive success in innovation design and engineering. The temperature control coffee mug is one of the most popular inventions from Ember Technologies based on its functionality and sophistication. The temperature at which coffee is served is normally very high, and can scald your mouth. In order to address this problem, Ember came up with a special mug for adjusting and maintaining coffee temperature. The temperature control coffee mug makes it possible for you to enjoy coffee at your preferred temperature. The mug allows rapid cooling and has the ability to maintain the set temperature for up to two hours. The Ember Technologies Website can be accessed using

Ember Mug Review

As mentioned earlier, the temperature control mug is elegant and easy to use because it does not have any complicated buttons and instructions. You only need to rotate the dial at the bottom to get your coffee at the desired temperature. The Ember mug is a connective device that can be connected to an app through a cell phone. In addition, the mug can be used on its own if you are not interested in connecting it to an app. You can customize the ember mug in whatever manner you want.

The Ember mug enables you to name it, create presents, change temperatures, and select notification preferences. Most of these functions are enabled when it is being used through an app. The lid is leak proof and easy to open. This devices guarantees convenience and has a charging provision. The mug comes with a charging coaster that makes it possible to charge the mug within thirty minutes. In addition, the Ember mug has a phase change cooling system and a micro-processor-controlled self heating coffee cup.

The Ember Design

The temperature cooling mug was designed by Ammunition Group that was specifically contracted to work on the project. The mug can fit in a car beverage holder and a water bottle cage making it a conventional travel mug. A soft-touch material is used to make the mug’s cover. It is easy to charge the mug using the wireless charging dock.

Users are guaranteed comfort and convenience by using the ember mug. The mug’s amazing features has made it to be acceptable across the world. You can make your morning routine more enjoyable by using the Ember mug.