Avoid This Failure When Making Nastar Cake

Almost everyone loves Nastar cake recipes. Because this one cake feels fresh and suitably presented on various occasions. The sweet pineapple flavor of pineapple blends perfectly with the crisp and savory outside of the cake. You just need to use Blue Band Cake and Cookie margarine to make candy pop nastar cake taste even better.

Unfortunately, there are still others who find it difficult to make a nastar cake. There are some failures that make the nastar cake less than perfect. Here are some failures that often occur when making a nastar cake.

  1. Nastar Not Mature Perfect

Nastar forms that are too large can make the nastar is not perfectly cooked when baked. So, you should make a nastar with uniform shape and weight. The uniformed Nastar will mature at the same time. If you make a nastar with a size that is not uniform, then a small nastar will mature first while the inside of a large nastar is still raw.

  1. The Bottom of Nastar Cake Easy to Scorch

The bottom of the cake nastar certainly easy to burn if the mother baked nastar with a temperature that is too high. The solution, preheat the oven to medium temperature before putting the baked dough nastar. Not only that, you should put the pan on the middle shelf and do not stick directly to the bottom of the oven.

  1. Nastar Split or Crack

Too wet pineapple jam can make the dough nastar batter so wet and cracked when baked. So, should you prepare a really dry pineapple jam to be easily formed and not make the dough nastar skin become wet? In addition, the oven temperature is too high can also cause nastar rupture. The right temperature for roasting nastar is 160 to 175 degrees centigrade.

  1. Nastar Surface Less Shiny

A glistening nastar surface can be obtained by applying an egg yolk several times evenly. Mother can apply egg yolk that has been shaken with a little water as much as 2 to 3 times to coat the surface nastar. So the mother’s nastar will look more sparkling and evocative taste.And note also the trick of choosing ingredients for delicious and crunchy cake.

For getting crunchy crisps, of course, need the use and selection of the right materials. Here are some tips:

  1. Margarine

The use of margarine makes the pastry less rich in taste and feels in the mouth when the time shuffles less long.

  1. Add Milk

The addition of powdered milk is a bit more on a cake that uses a lot of margarine, aiming to add a little flavor to the pastry.

  1. Mixed Margarine and Butter

The use of butter makes the cake rich in flavor, but the texture becomes brittle. Therefore, the most appropriate way is to mix butter and margarine. So that the cake is not fragile, but rich in flavor.

  1. Use Frozen Butter

When using butter, preferably in a frozen state. Because if not, the butter will melt when shaken.

  1. Consider Sugar Dosage

Sugar used during the manufacture of cookies is usually sugar or sugar flour sugar. The use of powdered sugar cannot be replaced with sugar. Because flour sugar contains a little sugar flour to make sugar does not clot. So make sure you use sugar according to prescription advice.

  1. Choice of Flour

Generally, the flour used to make the pastry is wheat flour or sago flour. Sometimes also add cornstarch, to add to the crispy crackers.

To produce a crispy cake, choose wheat flour with low protein. To produce a cake that is mature, like nastar, use medium protein flour.

Sago flour is used in making sago pastry. Sago still contains water, so it is better to sago roast flour first on a small fire about 10 minutes before use.

  1. Developer Materials

The developer materials used in the pastry are usually baking soda or baking powder, which serves to develop a pastry. So the cake becomes crunchy. This material actually does not need to be used, if you already use a lot of butter in the dough.

  1. Additional Materials

The use of other additives, such as nuts, fruits, cheeses, chocolates, or aromatic ingredients in pastries, aims to create a variety of flavors and aromas of pastries.

Those are some ways of not failing and selection of ingredients for pastries. With the use and selection of the right ingredients, it will surely produce delicious and crispy pastries.