6 Restaurant Interior Design Tips

There’s fierce competition in the restaurant sector and every establishment needs to be as innovative as possible when it comes to interior design to ensure that their diner is the one that everyone remembers. When planning a restaurant fit-out it pays to take the time to consider some of the tips that could influence your ideas.

  1. Theme

Establishing an identity is vital and themes can be inspired by a variety of factors. Interior d├ęcor can be inspired by the Eiffel Tower for a restaurant that serves French fare, traditional accessories from barges for a restaurant that is near a canal or an imaginative idea about something quite unconnected from a Mediaeval castle to a trip into outer space.

  1. Layout

The ratio of the size of the restaurant to the number of customers is a calculation worth pursuing when planning how to utilise the available space in order to maximise profits. Try to squeeze too many tables and chairs in and diners will quickly feel uncomfortable and staff will have difficulty negotiating their way through the restricted maze. Yet not including enough seating could make the restaurant seem empty and unpopular. Finding the right balance based on scientific fact is a fundamental principle of design.

  1. Ergonomic Flow

The study of value engineering principles is essential to keep the restaurant running like a well-oiled machine behind the scenes. Realising how a design can employ ergonomics to determine the most efficient pathways from storage area to kitchen and out to serving customers without staff colliding is often underestimated. Designs that keep staff on the move by using the shortest routes is important for both efficiency and a superior customer service.

  1. Lighting

Innovative lighting can instantly create the right atmosphere in a restaurant. Consider the theme, the colours used for the walls and furnishings and whether the restaurant image is to be subdued and cosy or bright and lively. Customers like to see their food properly but appreciate isolated pools of light from innovative lamps and spotlights that convey a sense of style.

  1. High Quality Materials

Using the best materials that can be found to stay within a set budget can be challenging but not impossible. Opting for unusual alternatives can often provide the solution. Bespoke fixtures and fittings that are of a superior quality are usually a worthwhile investment as they will create the right image and last much longer, saving time and money on repairs.

  1. Bespoke Experienced Advice

The most important interior design tip is to ensure your restaurant fit-out is supervised by true experts. Planning a bespoke project needs clear thinking that can translate an outlandish idea into a workable reality. It takes confidence, knowledge and great experience to understand the ergonomics of practical design tempered with an instinct for innovative originality. For even more restaurant interior design tips contact Dawnvale and discover how they can turn an idea into something special.