3 Tips for Promoting Hand-Washing in Your Restaurant

Sanitation and food safety should be at the top of every restaurateur’s priority list. If a restaurant develops a reputation for lackluster sanitation or food-borne illness, a steep decline in business is sure to follow. Additionally, taking a backseat approach to the aforementioned issues stands to earn an establishment unwanted attention from local health inspectors. When working to promote proper sanitation in your eatery, it’s imperative that you emphasize hand-washing. Consistently clean hands can help curb the spread of germs and assorted bacteria, which can go a long way in ensuring food safety. Restaurant owners and managers looking for effective ways to promote hand-washing would be wise to heed the following tips.

1. Place Signage in Key Areas

Just in case certain employees need a refresher course on the virtues of hand-washing, take care to place informative signage in key areas of your restaurants. For example, every restroom should have at least once sign that instructs team members to thoroughly wash their hands before returning to work. Additionally, these signs should contain information on the tenets of good hand washing. Such signage should also be found in break areas and various parts of the kitchen. When it comes to restaurant sanitation, hand-washing is every bit as important a procuring reliable refrigerated display case.

2. Invest in Sanitation Stations

All workstations and employee congregation areas in your restaurant should feature sanitation stations – i.e. automatic hand-sanitizer dispensers. If you’re unable to afford the automatic dispensers, simply place containers of hand sanitizer in the aforementioned areas. Since standard hand sanitizer is affordable on any budget, there’s no reason your restaurant should be without it.

3. Take a Hard Line

In addition to outlining strict rules regarding hand-washing, it behooves you to enforce them. In order to convey how important hand-washing is, owners and managers need to take harsh disciplinary action against employees who wantonly ignore the rules pertaining to clean hands. Failure to enforce such rules is liable to result in even more employees adopting a lax attitude toward hand-washing.

Sanitation is not an issue that any restaurateur can afford to put on the backburner. In the quest to uphold sanitation and stamp out food-borne illness, a workforce that understands the importance of clean hands is an absolute necessity. To ensure that hand-washing is prioritized in your workplace, remember to invest in informative signage and sanitation stations and take a hard line against employees who break the rules.