5 Bali Culinary Interest by Tourists All Over The World

Bali is not only known to the world by travel and its natural beauty. Culinary in Bali also get special attention from foreign tourists. They love the flavors and spices culinary in Bali, not only cheap but also tasty.

Although in some Southeast Asian countries have the same culinary offerings, but foreign tourists assume that the Bali Culinary offers a unique and special flavor that can not be imitated by any country in Asia. That’s why they always come to Bali with a sense of joy because it will provide a wealth of tasting culinary spice flavors typical of Indonesia.

As a person you should be proud because Indonesia culinary Bali was favored foreign tourists. It is ironic that our nation more like junk food. Here’s Travel Blog Reserve gave her review of Culinary most tried by many foreign tourists who vacation in Bali.

  1. Spring Rolls

All ages will like crunchy and crisp from this culinary . Spring Roll are usually served as appetizers, desserts or just to snack on coffee and tea drinking friends. The content is usually such as vegetables that have been added to the minced meat. Spring Rolls is better when served with peanut sauce or sweet chilli sauce special. For more information about Spring Rolls, you can see at lumpia.

  1. Fried Rice

Culinary this one is also highly favored by the Presidential United States, Barrack Obama. No wonder when Barack Obama was elected President Obama mushroom fried rice in Jakarta. Fried rice dish is certainly there at breakfast in Bali. But sometimes Fried Rice can also be served at lunch or dinner. Ranging from street vendors to Five Star serves special fried rice with a distinctive flavor of Indonesian spices.

  1. Duck Betutu

Smoked duck in Bali is known super delicious. Unique culinary delights and has been blended with a variety of special spices and then wrapped in leaves and then smoked until done. Because the cooking process that takes quite a long few restaurants sometimes presents only a limited portion. But do not worry because now many restaurant serving culinary Betutu Outstanding duck.

  1. Rice Tumpeng

Rice Tumpeng generally served to commemorate the ceremony. Rice grain Tumpeng using yellow rice is certainly no less special with Rice Mix. Yellow rice using natural dyes from Indonesian spices like turmeric. Yellow rice served with a choice of side dishes appetizing. Usually presented sambal fried potatoes, dried tempeh, shredded chicken, the meat into small pieces until the ointment. This special dish is usually served when celebrating anniversaries or birthdays.

  1. Gado-Gado

Gado-gado Betawi although it is present, but is also known to Bali. This salad dish salad is different from the others. If other salads use mayonnaise condiments, Gado-gado using peanut sauce was delicious. Vegetables that -dipakai the usual hodgepodge of materials such as bean sprouts, beans, slices of corn, boiled potatoes, boiled spinach leaves, and small pieces of cucumber. To add taste is also given year and tempeh pieces. Adding crunchy sensation melinjo also served with a savory taste.

Some culinary list that has been mentioned is in general represent Indonesian culinary widely. Indonesia is known through the gates of the Bali Tourism.